Protect your family from the constant threat of ticks. Our dual-action treatment begins working immediately to reduce tick populations in your yard.


Trust us to get ticks out.

Our four-step natural tick defense system reduces the number of ticks in your yard — allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space again.

  1. INSPECT: An expertly-trained technician will inspect your yard to identify potential tick activity sites.

  2. PREVENT: We'll recommend ways to modify your outdoor space to make it less tick-friendly.

  3. TREAT: Our dual-action treatment using minimal-risk natural products targets all known tick species in the U.S.

  4. MAINTAIN: Monthly service during tick season reinforces your barrier of protection, keeping tick populations at bay.

Convenient payment options

Pay after each treatment, or upfront for a full year of service:


Your tick services are guaranteed to stay on schedule with our AutoPay program. After your technician services your home we will auto-bill your account. This covers your home with tick treatments all season long. Sign up online today!